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What is Lorem Ipsum?

Lorem Ipsum simply a fake text, used in presentation and costume for printing. Lorem Ipsum has been used as a standard text for the printing industry since the 1500s, when an anonymous artist pieced together multiple paragraphs to form a text template. This passage not only exists five centuries, but when applied to office informatics, its content remains unchanged. It was popularized in the 1960s by selling Letraset papers in Lorem Ipsum passages, and more recently, used in costume applications, like Aldus PageMaker.

Why use it?

We still know that working with an easy-to-read and clear paragraph is easy to confuse the mind and hinders the focus on the text presentation element. Lorem Ipsum has a better advantage than the text that only includes "Content, content, content" content that makes text more real, more normal. Many web interface and page design software today use Lorem Ipsum as fake text, and if you try to find the "Lorem ipsum" paragraphs" On the internet, many sites will still be discovered during construction. There are many different versions that have appeared, sometimes by accident, many when intentionally (xen added funny or colloquial sentences ).