Sunscreen & your little ones

Sunscreen & your little ones
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Ultraviolet (UV) radiation damage accumulated during childhood and adolescence is strongly associated with an increased risk of skin cancer later in life.

The good news is UV damage and skin cancer is preventable by protecting your skin when out and about.   

Here’s some easy tips on how to develop good sunscreen behaviour from a young age:

  • Choose a sunscreen that your child feels comfortable wearing and is easy to apply.
  • From about the age of three, let children practise applying sunscreen so they can develop this skill ready for pre-school and school.
  • Set up a sunscreen station in the bathroom at home so children can apply their sunscreen in front of the mirror and then wipe their hands.
  • Pop sunscreen in the cooler section of their lunchbox so it will be cold when applying – especially refreshing on a hot, summer’s day.
  • Try a clip-on sunscreen that can hang from your child’s bag and act as a visual reminder.
  • Make sunscreen application a bit of fun and encourage children to put a dot of sunscreen on each cheek, nose and their chin and carefully rub it in (avoiding the eye area). They can add squiggles of sunscreen to any part of their arms and legs not covered with clothing.
  • Remember role modelling – children learn best from what they see adults doing. Apply your sunscreen at the same time so children can watch how you do it and follow your example.